Valigeria Lombarda


Academy where colors and perfumes come from used leathers to create.

Laboratory of company: love and psyche.
Caffè where stories turn into objects and the objects tell of endured facts.

A workshop in Varese without articulated time: the super luxurious MADE IN ITALY.
A factory of humans and bags.

- This is how I view it, Roberto Pedron, it's much loved director -

The philosophy of Valigeria Lombarda is not only a lifestyle, but a different and original method to manage an agent capable of moving itself in harmony as an orchestra.
Designers, pattern makers, men that work leather, tailors and fabric cutters; this is the coordination of a collective agent that allows the objects to be born, live, but overall to have a soul.

Valigeria Lombarda is a place where solid and indestructible products take shape, made from natural materials, precious and elegant leathers.
Utilized accessories for transporting and taking care of the objects and knowledge of the working man, who travels and explores by his experiences abroad and in life.

An atelier where traditional methods that where lost in time are used and conserved.
A place where simple tools are used, methods of constructing are always innovative.

- This is how some frequenters view it -